Headshot of Shali Sirkay wearing what appears to be a red winter sweater and matching red lipstick. She has wavy hair that falls just below her shoulders and is standing in front of some kind of foliage.
Shali Sirkay (she/her) | Executive Director

Shali began serving the Cities Association’s Acting Executive Director in June 2022. She reports to the 15-member Board of Directors consisting of Mayors and Councilmembers from each of the cities of the county.  She is responsible for implementing the priorities of the Board of Directors and the day-to-day management of the Association including the Planning Collaborative.  Shali serves as Ex-Officio to the Executive Board and the Board of Directors.


Headshot of Audin Leung
Audin Leung (they/them) | Office Assistant/Board Clerk

Audin provides administrative support to CASCC’s Boards, Committees, and Executive Director. They maintain and update CASCC’s databases; perform reception duties and filing; assist with the planning and execution of general membership events; prepare agendas and packets; and attend Board and Committee meetings as a clerk.



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