Board of Directors

Each member city appoints a representative to the Board of Directors who serves at the pleasure of their legislative body. The representative must be a member of the city council. 

Please note that this page is under construction through January 2023 as cities reorganize.

2023  Board of Directors

Chair: Hon. Margaret Abe-Koga (Mountain View)

City of Campbell

Anne Bybee. Mayor

Alternate: Sergio Lopez, Council Member

City of Cupertino

Hung Wei, Mayor
Alternate: Shelia Mohan, Vice Mayor

City of Gilroy

Marie Blankley, Mayor

Alternate: Dion Bracco, Council Member

City of Los Altos

Sally Meadows, Mayor

Alternate: Jonathan Weinberg, Vice Mayor

City of Los Altos Hills

Stanley Mok, Vice Mayor (pending new appointments on 1/24)

Town of Los Gatos

Rob Rennie, Council Member

Alternate: Matthew Hudes, Council Member

City of Milpitas

Carmen Montano, Mayor
Alternate: Evelyn Chua, Vice Mayor

City of Monte Sereno

Hon. Javed Ellahie

Alternate: Hon. Bryan Mekechuk

City of Morgan Hill

Mark Turner, Mayor

Alternate: Marilyn Librers, Council Member

City of Mountain View

Margaret Abe-Koga, Council Member

Alternate: Lucaz Ramirez, Council Member

City of Palo Alto

Lydia Kou, Mayor

Alternate: Greer Stone, Vice Mayor

City of San Jose

Sergio Jimenez, Council Member

Alternate: Rosemary Kamei, Council Member

City of Santa Clara

Kathy Watanabe, Council Member (pending new appointments 1/31)

City of Saratoga

Tina Walia, Mayor

Alternate: Yan Zhao, Vice Mayor

City of Sunnyvale

Larry Klein, Mayor

Alternate: Omar Din, Council Member

SCCCMA Representative/Ex-Officio

Kimbra McCarthy

Mountain View City Manager

Interim Executive Director/Ex-Officio

Shali Sirkay

County Representative/Ex-Officio


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