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Adopted Vision & Goals 2022

Vision & Strategy:

  • The Cities Association was founded in 1989 to provide a forum for our cities to collaborate, share information, and address issues of mutual interest.
  • Prioritize working together to learn, grow, and take on initiatives focused on improving the quality of life for our constituents, especially in face of recent challenges heightened by COVID-19 and the pandemic.

Board of Directors Goals:

Local Control Items of Interest – Address and consider collaboration on policies andinitiatives having to do with such items as housing, homelessness, transportation,sustainability, COVID-19 pandemic and economic recovery where appropriate.

Racial Justice – Racial justice intersects with all of the CASCC’s policy issue areas and is aprimary concern of our communities. We formed the Racial Justice Committee in 2020 to develop policy recommendations and actions that combat racial injustice. Let’s continue with this priority and use the set of recommendations endorsed by the Board in October 2021 as an impetus for further action. Policy recommendations addressed housing, public safety reform, and hate crimes against the AAPI community.

Board Member Development – Provide guidance in fulfilling our roles as elected officials,stewards of our communities, and members of the Cities Association Board through briefings and sharing of experiences. Between two to three board members, new for each month, will be responsible for selecting the topic and inviting speakers as needed to lead the discussion at each Board meeting.

Climate Protection – Climate change, caused by the emission of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide and black carbon, represents a profound threat to the Bay Area’s air quality,public health, environment, water supplies, and economy. As all of our cities continue to address climate change, the Cities Association of Santa Clara County recognizes cities’ roles as leaders and the value in supporting regional efforts to reduce air pollution, save water and improve quality of life to mitigate and minimize impact on our climate. Former efforts have included the Cities Association endorsement of the Bay Area Quality Management District’s Cut the Commute Pledge in August of 2020 and the Diesel Free By ’33 Statement of Purpose in August of 2018.

Legislative Action Committee Goals:

Continue to prioritize local control and consider legislative positions in accordance with adopted guiding principles and housing policy statement.

Operational Goals:

Joint Powers Authority – Continue transition of Cities Association from a non-governmental unincorporated entity to a Joint Powers Authority per Board of Directors Action and approval on August 13, 2020. Since its founding in 1989, state and federal regulations have changed; theCities Association has evolved with respect to its responsibilities and involvement in projects of mutual interest among the cities and in revenue. Such projects include the Planning Collaborative to address the region’s housing challenges. To meet its goals, the Cities Association needs a legally sound and sustainable structure for the future. Structural change will ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and allow the organization to continue to evolve as needed for its member jurisdictions.

City Selection Committee Appointment Schedule – California Government Code Section 50270 requires regional appointments be made by a selection committee comprised of each city’s mayor or designee. The Cities Association City Selection Committee (CSC) fulfills this legality. The City Selection Committee appoints candidates to local & regional bodies. Propose policy to determine at least two meetings per year for CSC appointments per the schedule of appointment and Council Member seat expiration to ensure strategic representation.


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