Per California Executive Order N-29-20, the Cities Association of Santa Clara County will meet via teleconference only.  Meetings are live-streamed on the youtube channelBe well.  

What’s New – July 2019

Posted on July 12, 2019

RHNA Subregion

The Board will be discussing the proposal for the RHNA Subregion at the August meeting.
City Managers and members of SCCAPO received the draft resolution, MOU, & staff report template.

City/county action items for RHNA Formation:

  • Please have your attorney review and submit edits, suggestions by July 24 to
  • Agendize the RHNA Subregion discussion.  Deadline for resolution adoption is mid October 2019.

What you need to know about the RHNA Subregion: 

  • Subregion will accept methodology from ABAG/MTC. That’s right – – put away those fancy calculators and spreadsheets.  Our research indicates that subregions have tried to create their own methodology and the result isn’t much different from ABAG’s numbers.
  • A technical committee (staff) and a policy committee (electeds) will complete the work of the Subregion.
  • Each jurisdiction holds control over their numbers – Ie, no trade may be forced upon a jurisdiction. The small cities can’t gang up on San José and San José can’t gang up on the small cities.  Whew!!
  • This is meant to be a collaborative effort to allow cities and the county to work together and collaborate around housing.
  • The MOU contains an escape clause … so not to worry, you can hit the eject button and just take ABAGs numbers.
  • Remember:  State law doesn’t allow a jurisdiction to trade without being a member of a subregion.
  • Each jurisdiction will kick in approximately $3125 to help pay for a planning consultant/facilitator to guide the collaboration.  Vice Mayor Chappie Jones is also offering his staff support for the effort.


SC|SC Aircraft Noise Community Roundtable 🛫(SCSC Roundtable)🛬

Website for the Roundtable is here:
Communication for Roundtable matters to the Chair Mary-Lynne Bernald and Facilitator/Consultant Steve Alverson.

What’s Next

  • Board of Directors, Legislative Committee, City Selection Committee are off in the month of July.
  • SC|SC Roundtable:  July 24, 2019 | City of Santa Clara | 1-3PM
  • Executive Board:  Friday, August 2 | City of Saratoga | 3-4PM
  • Legislative Committee, Board of Directors:  August 8 | LAC start time TBD, Board start time at 7PM
  • Meeting dates here:

Meanwhile in Sunnyvale  – – Stranger Things

hawkins indiana mayor kline

Is Sunnyvale Mayor and Cities Association Vice President Larry Klein from the Upside Down?  🤔 Watch ‘Stranger Things’: Sunnyvale Mayor Larry Klein talks about his name twin in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 on ABC’s KITV.

Out of office

Cities Association of Santa Clara County will be on vacation during the week of July 15-July 19.

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