What’s New! January 2022 In Review

Posted on February 1, 2022

The Cities Association kicked off the new year with three fruitful meetings.

Board of Directors

Link to meeting recording (Please download recording if loading video in-browser is slow)

  • The Board approved the CASCC’s 2022 Vision and Goals (click here to view), with the addition of climate change, as well as a calendar for 2022 meetings (click here to view).
  • Joanne Benjamin was appointed Acting Executive Director while the current E.D. is on leave. She is the former President and Executive Director of CASCC and may be reached at joanne.benjamin(at)verizon(dot)net
  • As part of President Jones’ priority to incorporate Board Member Development sessions into monthly meetings, the Board received a presentation on social media best practices from Robbie Turner, Public Agency Partnerships Lead for NextDoor (00:24 in meeting recording)
    Link to presentation slides
  • The contractor that oversees the Planning Collaborative, Baird and Driskell Community Planning, gave a presentation to clarify the following topics:
    • Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) Grant Agreement with the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)
    • Planning Collaborative 2022 Work Plan
    • New State Housing Laws (SB 9 & AB 215)

Presentation starts at 1:04 in meeting recording
Link to presentation slides
Link to SB 9 Overview Infographic
More info on the CASCC’s Planning Collaborative can be found on this page

City Selection Committee

Link to meeting recording

The following appointments were made:

  • ABAG Executive Board alternate: Councilmember Yvonne Martínez Beltrán (Morgan Hill)
  • Measure A (2016 Housing Bond) Independent Oversight Committee: Councilmember Glenn Hendricks (Sunnyvale) – reappointment
  • Silicon Valley Regional Interoperability Authority
    • Representative: Councilmember Russ Melton (Sunnyvale)
    • Alternate: Councilmember Matthew Hudes (Los Gatos) – reappointment

Legislative Action Committee

Link to meeting recording

Chair Fligor gave an overview of the LAC’s purpose and meeting format:

  • Guest speakers
  • Discussion of potential recommendations for legislative endorsements to the Board of Directors

She also reviewed what Committee members should do if their council have not yet taken a position on items. Some cities approve CASCC policy priorities, like our adopted Guiding Principles and Housing Policy Statement, and give appointed members freedom to vote at their discretion in accordance with the priorities that have been approved by their cities.

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