SPUR Impact Awards

MarMarch 22 2019

11:30am Computer History Museum

1401 N Shoreline Blvd. , Mountain View , CA 94043

SPUR impact awards

For nearly 40 years, SPUR has worked to recognize public sector excellence. In continuation of this tradition, we are excited to announce our first South Bay awards event.

The SPUR Impact Awards will acknowledge outstanding impact by public sector employees in city and county government in Santa Clara County, honoring those making a difference within government and in the community at large. The awards will recognize significant accomplishments in the areas of housing, transportation, placemaking and urban design, and sustainability and resilience.

Event Co-Chairs:

Dianne McKenna
Former Santa Clara County Supervisor
Former Sunnyvale Mayor

Larry Stone
Santa Clara County Assessor
Former Sunnyvale Mayor

Who is being honored:
Department heads within city and county governments in Santa Clara County are eligible to nominate individuals or teams within their department who have completed significant accomplishments in the following areas:

• Housing – Increasing supply and affordability

• Transportation – Giving people better ways to get where they need to go

• Placemaking and urban design – Building great neighborhoods

• Sustainability and resilience – Reducing our ecological footprint and making our cities resilient

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