Cities Association Mental Health Awareness Initiative 

Working Effectively with Your Elected Colleagues, the Manager, & Staff

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November 14, 2022
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On November 10, 2022, council members and managers from the Santa Clara County cities gathered to discuss what makes for successful council-manager-staff relationships with input from the SCC City Managers’ Association and facilitation from Kevin Duggan, former Mountain View & Campbell City Manager and International City Managers’ Association/CalCities Senior Advisor. Together, we came up with answers to the following questions and compared them with answers from SCCCMA and Kevin’s expertise:

  • What Do You and Your Fellow Elected Officials Need From Each Other to be Successful?
  • What Does the Council/Council Members Need From the Manager and Staff to be Successful?
  • What Does the Manager and Staff Need From the Council/Council Members to Be Successful?
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