Per California Executive Order N-29-20, the Cities Association of Santa Clara County will meet via teleconference only.  Meetings are live-streamed on the youtube channelBe well.  


RHNA Resources

The following are Regional Housing Needs Determine (RHND) and Allocation (RHNA) resources including key deadlines and helpful documents (slide deck and staff report/memo templates). For call summaries on RHNA-related Planning Collaborative meetings, please see meeting summaries.

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Key Deadlines

Summer 2020 – HCD releases number for the region
July 2020 – Draft Blueprint (which may affect RHNA allocations)
Fall 2020 – Draft methodology / hints at allocations
Dec 2020 – Final Blueprint
Spring 2021 – Final methodology / draft allocations
Winter 2021 – Final allocations
Jan 2023 – Housing Elements due

Planning Collaborative RHNA 6 Meeting PowerPoints/slide decks

RHNA 6 Draft Allocations

RHNA 6 Sample materials for jurisdictions to use

  • Housing Element Staff Report Template, this document contains sample language you can use when preparing a staff report introducing your City Council and/or Planning Commission to Housing Elements. (January 2021)
  • Sample RHNA 6 Housing Element Timeline (January 2021)
  • Housing Element RFP Template, this document can be used as the skeleton for developing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Housing Element Update, including potential rezoning and CEQA work. (December, 2020)
  • Sample Staff Report – Template memo for summarizing status of RHNA 6 and Plan Bay Area/Blueprint. (July, 2020)
  • Sample PowerPoint  – Template PowerPoint. Use it to discuss/overview Housing Elements. Minimally formatted to use for your jurisdiction. (June, 2020)

Helpful Resources

RHNA Methodology Committee

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