Directory Updates

September 13, 2018

Ordering The Cities Association Membership Directory

The Cities Association 2018 membership directory was published February 28, 2018 and distributed to membership cities, county supervisors, and other elected officials and organizations representing the county. A limited number of additional copies are available for purchase at $15 each. The price includes postage and handling. To order, send a request by e-mail, phone, or US mail to the Cities Association office.

P.O. Box 3144 
Los Altos, CA 94024 
(408) 766-9534


About The Cities Association Membership Directory

The directory contains contact information for the elected officials of Santa Clara County's 15 incorporated cities. Entries are current as of February 2018 and include November 2016 election results as well as December and January mayoral and committee appointments. Headshots of each locally Elected Official has been included this year. Contact information is also provided for county supervisors, state and federal legislators with jurisdictions in the county, and selected regional and countywide organizations.

The directory is considered by many to be the most complete, accurate, and authoritative reference for this information. It is published as a small, 30 page, pocket sized booklet, and is widely used by elected officials, city managers, city clerks, and other public sector employees. It is also popular with private sector organizations responsible for community and government relations, as well as many citizens and political organizations. Click here to view a sample entry.