May 2010 Meeting SummarIES



Legislative Action Committee Meeting:

·         Unanimously approved opposition to Proposition 16, Two-thirds Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers Act.  It was noted that the cities of Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Gilroy have also opposed Proposition 16.

·         Reviewed and considered support of SB 1205 (Corbett), Long-term Planning for Disaster Recovery that establishes ABAG as the recovery planning authority that creates a structure of the region to plan for anticipated complex issues of regional significance, e.g. natural disasters.  Members of the board had questions regarding mandates upon cities and reimbursements. Dan Furtado, Legislative Action Chair, agreed to consult with ABAG for answers regarding members’ questions.

·         Unanimously approved support of AB 1784 (Fong) Local Roadway Projects, which will allow VTA of Santa Clara County to partner with local governments to provide the necessary expertise on construction management.  This is especially useful to cities that do not have large Public Works Departments.

City Selection Committee Meeting:

·         Bay Area Air Quality Management District: Re-appointed Council Member Sue Garner of Monte Sereno to a term expiring March 6, 2012. 

·         Council on Aging Advisory Board: Re-appointed Peter Szego to a term expiring June 2013.

·         Association of Bay Area Governments Executive Board: Re-appointed Vice Mayor Joe Pirzynski and appointed Mayor Ronit Bryant of Mountain View to terms expiring June 30, 2012.

·         Association of Bay Area Governments Executive Board Alternates: Re-appointed Mayor David Casas of Los Altos and appointed Vice Mayor Gilbert Wong of Cupertino to terms expiring June 30, 2012.

·         Local Agency Formation Commission: Appointed Council Member Margaret Abe-Koga of Mountain View to fill term expiring May 2012.

Board of directors:

·         Cities Association President David Casas reminded all board members that the Brown Act applies to our meetings.

·         Rabbi Jay Miller, Executive Director of Peninsula Clergy Network (PCN), which is an interactive network of all clergy in San Mateo and Northern Santa Clara Counties, presented on how PCN provides increased interaction between clergy and civic leaders and within the communities they jointly serve.  The PCN’s core projects include Education, Natural Disaster and Community Crisis Preparedness and Response, Diversity Training in Multi-faith Awareness, Clergy Leadership Seminars.

·         ABAG President and Mayor of Union City, Mark Green, presented on ABAG’s mission, purpose, and services for all nine counties and 101 cities of the Bay Area. ABAG is California’s first council of governments, formed in 1961 to address common issues from a regional perspective.  ABAG is a comprehensive planning agency for land use, hazard mitigation, housing, environmental protection, and water.  Some Priority Development Areas (PDA’s) include Gilroy’s downtown, Milpitas’ Transit Area, Palo Alto’s California Avenue, etc.,  PDA’s are eligible for the Station Area Planning Grant Funding Program for local planning efforts around future transit stations.  San Jose has been approved for a Station Area Planning Grant totaling $750,000.  ABAG and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) in partnership with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) launched “One Bay Area” in April 2010.  “One Bay Area” represents the overarching theme for the Bay Area’s sustainable community and climate action initiatives, like the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) mandated by SB 375. ABAG is the regional coordinator for the Bay Area Green Business Program and has certified over 2000 private businesses and public agencies in all nine Bay Area counties. Retrofit Bay Area is a new program led by ABAG.  Under this program, Santa Clara County and the City of Milpitas and other participating Bay Area cities will receive California Energy Commission funds for residential building energy retrofit.  ABAG holds General Assemblies twice yearly – April and October.  General Assemblies feature timely topics and expert speakers and all members are encouraged to attend.  It is President Mark Green’s intention to hold the October Assembly in Santa Clara County.  For more information about ABAG see presentation at

·         Bonnie Broderick, SCC Public Health Department, presented on summer campaign “Be Sugar Savvy/Rethink Your Drink” in which citizens are discouraged from drinking soda during the summer. Be Sugar Savvy/Rethink Your Drink” began as a public health campaign called “Soda Free Summer”.  Developed by our sister county, Alameda, in recognition of the role that sugar plays in our individual and community health. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors adopted the Be Sugar
Savvy/Rethink Your Drink Policy which covered all county facilities, employees, contractors, and contracts.  County dollars cannot be used to purchase sugar-sweetened beverages by county programs, nor by county contractors.  Bonnie encouraged cities and members to raise awareness in their jurisdictions and support policies aimed at reducing soda consumption.  Overweight and obesity is estimated to cost California $52.7 billion in 2011.  Bonnie also reminded members that SCC Public Health Department was selected and awarded $6.9 million for tobacco prevention efforts.  They will be focusing on addressing gaps in tobacco policies that negatively impact vulnerable communities with higher smoking rates and greater exposure to secondhand smoke.  A Leadership Team & Community Action Coalition has been established to address several intervention strategies. If members or cities have some thoughts or suggestions, please contact the Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention Division at (408) 793-2700.  For further details about the Sugar Savvy campaign, see presentation at

·         Emily Cote, Senior Assistant District Counsel, presented on AB 2483 (Coto), legislation intended to update the existing Santa Clara Valley Water District Act.  This bill will clarify confusing and redundant language, provide greater transparency, and modernize the Act by adding climate change language, etc., These changes are based on input from stakeholders, including cities.  This bill was referred to the Legislative Action Committee for further review.

·         Melinda Hamilton presented the recommendations of the Cities Association Subcommittee on Use of Reserves.  Members of the subcommittee include Melinda Hamilton, Kris Wang, and Howard Miller.  It is Cities Association financial policy to have at least 6 months of operating expenses in Reserves, which is about $40,000.  The current reserves are $68,000 and expected to be about $73,000 by 2011.  Since the reserves exceed the amount needed, the subcommittee was formed to review Use of Reserves.  As members of the Subcommittee, Melinda Hamilton, Kris Wang, and Howard Miller recommended that 6 to 9 months of operating expenses should be kept in reserves.  In addition, the membership dues schedule should be revised and adjusted every 3-4 years to maintain this amount of Reserves so as not to exceed the $60,000 needed to operate the Cities Association for 9 months.  The recommendation has been passed on to the Subcommittee on Review of Bylaws to consider including in the Cities Association Bylaws.

·         The Budget for FY 2010-2011 was approved. 

·         CSC Appointee to the ABAG Hazardous Waste Management Facility Allocation Committee, Mayor Ronit Bryant of Mountain View, reported that the committee was formed to find locations for hazardous waste.  The Committee also oversees the Bay Area Green Business Program, which assists and recognizes small to medium-sized businesses who voluntarily implement measures to prevent pollution, conserve resources, and reduce solid and hazardous waste.  The City of Mountain View is a green business.  The Committee meets on an as needed basis.

·         Dan Furtado, Legislative Action Chair, reported that the LAC recommends opposition to Prop 16 and support of AB 1784 (Fong), Local Roadway Projects.  The Board unanimously approved the recommendations.

·         Betsy Shotwell reported on the anticipated Governor’s May Revise of the State Budget.  It is expected that the deficit will be $20 billion.  San Jose’s Redevelopment Agency lost its lawsuit and had to pay $62 million to SCC due to the State’s seizure of $2.05 billion in redevelopment funds from around the state. Legislators needed the money to balance the state's 2009-10 Budget.


Joys and Challenges

·         Melinda Hamilton announced that Nokia will be moving its headquarters to Sunnyvale.  On Saturday, May 15 Sunnyvale will be hosting its 25th Annual Hands on the Arts Festival in which children will have an opportunity to work with dozens of local professional artists.   On Saturday May 22nd, Sunnyvale will also be hosting a Health & Safety Fair.

·         Howard Miller announced that Saratoga’s budget was released.   Staff took voluntary pay cuts to balance it.

·         Dan Furtado shared information on the 2010 Zero Litter Summit, which was hosted by the City of Campbell on May 10th.  City, county, community, agency staff and members came together to discuss the growing issue of litter, its affect on water/creeks, roads, and our environment.  Discussions of forming a regional overarching organization to address the issue of litter, next steps, and a zero litter resolution were included.  

·         Larry Klein announced that the EIR on Stanford Hospital’s Remodeling Plan will be released tomorrow.  This has been ongoing for several years and this is an important milestone.  It is a $3 billion/20-year project.

·         Sam Liccardo announced that a few weeks ago the city approved zoning of a soccer stadium for the Earthquakes and expects future consideration of a baseball stadium.  A measure for a downtown baseball stadium may be on the ballot for November.  The City continues to bargain with union to balance the city’s budget.  Sam will notify Raania once the EIR on single-use bags is released.

·         David Casas announced that Los Altos will be hosting a pet parade and downtown will be closed.  The City of Los Altos was able to balance its budget.  Previous council members put in fiscal disciplines.  The City benchmarks against 13 other like-size cities and pays in the middle.


·         Kathleen King announced the passing of her fellow Council Member, Susie Nagpal.  Many Board Members knew Susie and are saddened by her loss.  Several Members will be adjourning their next Council Meetings in her memory, e.g. Kris Wang (Cupertino), Don Perry (Monte Sereno).  Kathleen will notify Raania of the upcoming Memorial Service so that all Board Members can receive notification.

·         David Casas announced that the Nominating Committee for the Executive Board will be formed in September to announce candidates in October and be voted upon in November.  If members are interested in being a part of this Committee please notify David.