june 2010 Meeting Summaries



Legislative Action Committee Meeting:

·         Reviewed and considered support of SB 1205 (Corbett), Long-term Planning for Disaster Recovery that establishes ABAG as the recovery planning authority that creates a structure of the region to plan for anticipated complex issues of regional significance, e.g. natural disasters.  Ezra Rapport, Deputy Executive Director summarized the bill and addressed LAC’s previous concerns regarding mandates upon cities and reimbursements. Ezra confirmed that this bill will not create unfunded mandates for cities and will not be seeking any reimbursements from cities.  This bill is meant to be a planning tool.  Support for SB 1205 was unanimously approved. 

·         After a recommendation from the Board of Directors at the May 13 meeting, the LAC reviewed and considered support of AB 2483 (Coto), Santa Clara Valley Water District Act.  Rick Callendar, Government Affairs Manager of SCVWD, presented on the bill.  AB 2483 is an update of the existing SCVWD Act.  It modernizes the Act to reflect current realities and position the District to respond to today’s water management challenges.  The previous Act was drafted in the 1950’s and has been amended up to this date making it confusing.  AB 2483 will make the Act more legible and readable.  E.g. the old Act was drafted before CEQA and thus has now been updated to include CEQA.  Input has been taken from several cities.  Last amendments were made May 19.  The bill is about 95% complete; amendments are still being made based on feedback.   Some members’ cities still have concerns: Mountain View, Sunnyvale, San Jose.  It was agreed upon to wait until language changes are complete and there is support from consensus of cities before supporting AB 2483.  


Board of directors Meeting:

·         Subcommittee on Housing Allotments (Sam Liccardo, Ronit Bryant, Dan Furtado, and Melinda Hamilton) addressed ABAG Housing Allotments and proposed Santa Clara County to consider establishing itself as a sub-region and administer its own Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) process for 2013.  Paul Fassinger, ABAG Research Director, presented information on the requirements for forming a subregion, the RHNA process, and how the housing needs process relates to regional land use and transportation planning in the sustainable communities strategy required by SB 375.   This upcoming allocation (2013) will be the 5th RHNA determination.  The objective is to meet the state’s housing goal.  Past methodologies focused on transit oriented development; however, there can be a different focus, e.g. jobs and housing as done in the past.  Requirements for a subregion: 1) it must be contiguous, and at least two or more cities and a county, or counties; 2) each jurisdiction must submit a resolution supporting participation in the subregion; 3) responsible for running its own process; 4) follows the same general rules as the region; and 5) the Region (ABAG) steps in if the subregion is unable to complete the allocation.  SB 375 has extended the RHNA period from 5 to 8 years.  There are now stricter rules for local housing element adoption.  Jurisdictions are required to rezone; there are penalties for noncompliance.  A subregion must be designated by March of 2011.  The process will proceed through 2013.  Benefits mentioned include trading allocations and additional resources.  San Mateo County did this for the last RHNA process.  Cities are to reflect on the option of establishing SCC as a sub-region and members are to continue discussion as to whether or not cities would like to pursue this at the September Board Meeting.  Paul Fassinger’s presentation is available at http://www.sccca.gov/Packet/Board.htm.

·         Subcommittee on Bylaws Review (Al Pinheiro, David Casas, Don Perry, and Steve Tate) presented draft update edits to the Bylaws.  This is a multi-month project.  Once changes completed, the final bylaws document will be reviewed by an outside attorney to ensure legality and compliance with state and federal code.  Al requested that members communicate suggestions or comments to Raania to include in further and future review, especially about a proposed name change of the Cities Association.  Several members questioned whether or not the Cities Association is a “section” of the League of California Cities Peninsula Division, as indicated in the bylaws.  The Cities Association is waiting to hear back from the League to confirm this.  Current edits of the Cities Association Bylaws are available at http://www.sccca.gov/Packet/Board.htm.

·         Subcommittee on Medical Marijuana Ordinances (Joe Pirzynski, Patricia Mahan, and Kathleen King) lead a discussion on what cities are doing in regards to medical marijuana dispensaries.  A poll of all cities’ status and actions taken was collected by Raania and the subcommittee presented it to the Board.  The document is available on the website at http://www.sccca.gov/Packet/Board.htm.  Some cities e.g. Gilroy, Mountain View, and Santa Clara, are in litigation due to dispensaries in operation without a legal permit within their jurisdictions.  The City of San Jose is in the process of establishing an ordinance and reviewing land use, locations, and limitation of the number of dispensaries, etc.,  It will be addressed by the City Council on June 22nd.  Joe Pirzynski recommended members/cities to review the City of Lake Forest’s litigation – it is complete and a good representation on how a judge can work with jurisdictions to help protect land use.   If members/cities have feedback or further suggestions for research, please communicate them to Raania at executive_director@sccca.gov.  

·         Robert Freeman, founder of One Dollar for Life (ODFL), presented on the organization’s mission, projects, and promotion of civic engagement amongst local youth.  Essentially, high school students build schools in the developing world through donations of one dollar.  ODFL funded projects include three new schools in Kenya, desks for a school in Malawi, new schools in Nepal, Indonesia, Nicaragua, etc., Robert has discovered that raising funds for schools in developing countries builds “bigger” people because it creates a cultural conscious that instills a value for collectively addressing national problems, e.g. global warming, hunger, etc.,  ODFL was founded in 2007 at Los Altos High School and was named “Outstanding Youth Philanthropy of the Year” in 2009   by The Association of Fundraising Professionals.  ODFL will be expanding to other states such as Oregon and Kansas.  President David Casas urged members to forward information about ODFL if there is an opportunity within their cities.  Robert Freeman’s presentation is available at http://www.sccca.gov/Packet/Board.htm.

·         Cindy Chavez, Working Partnerships USA, and Assembly Member Jim Beall, presented on Healthy Workers, a new and local health insurance option for small businesses in Santa Clara County offered by Santa Clara Family Health Plan in partnership with Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System.  Eligibility: 1) Small businesses  that employ 2-50 employees; 2) employees who earn less than $18.23 per hour; 3) employees that live in Santa Clara County; 4) have not been offered health insurance for the past 12 months; 5) employees between 19-64 years old.  Employee cost is $75 per month, Employer cost is $150 per month and the County supplements the remainder of the cost.  It was requested that members reach out to businesses within their jurisdictions who may be eligible for this program.  For more information visit www.scfhp.com.

·         Doug Schmitz, Cities Managers’ Association Liaison reminded cities to send responses to Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury by August 30th.

·         Board approved President David Casas’ appointment of Secretary/Treasurer Melinda Hamilton to Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s Regionalism 2.0 Steering Committee as it plans to address shared services between cities at an upcoming conference in the fall. 

·         Board approved a Resolution in support of AB 32, SB 375, and Clean Cars Regulations in response to request from the American Lung Association.  It was noted that letters recommending the Cities Association to support AB 32, SB 375, and the Clean Cars Regulations were submitted by Trixie Johnson, and the Greenbelt Alliance.  The Resolution is on our website at http://www.sccca.gov/Presentations/Presentation%20Downloads.htm.

·         Dan Furtado, Legislative Action Chair, reported that the LAC recommends support of SB 1205 (Corbett), San Francisco Bay Area Natural Disaster Recovery Act.  Letter of Support for SB 1205 was approved by the Board.  This letter is available at http://www.sccca.gov/Presentations/Presentation%20Downloads.htm.  No action was taken on AB 2483 (Coto) Santa Clara Valley Water District Act.  Future review of AB 2483 is recommended when more amendments have been made and there is more consensus amongst cities.

·         Betsy Shotwell reported on the State Budget.  The May Revise claims a deficit of $20 billion as predicted.  Major cuts to county services such as Cal Works, social services.  Democrats made their recommendations and are expecting $3.24 billion of federal funds.  The Assembly recommended use of the $8 billion of recycled bottle funds to help preserve health social service programs.  The Senate wants to continue with the tax increases from last year and also preserve the health and social service programs.  The Governor wants to see pension reform.  The Controller has reminded the Legislature that there is a cash flow problem.  For November Ballot initiatives, 55 are still in circulation, some include Congressional redistricting and suspension of AB 32 and SB 375 until unemployment rate increases.


Joys and Challenges

·         Al Pinheiro announced that Gilroy will be hosting Morgan Hill, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, and Salinas Mayors, City Administrators, police chiefs, and school superintendents to come up with a united voice to address gangs regionally.

·         Steve Tate reported that the City of Morgan Hill will soon be passing its budget.

·         Dan Furtado announced that there will be a November election in Campbell, in which three seats are available.  In addition, ballot to suggest the city clerk and city treasurer appointed rather than being elected will be included.  Also, considering a ballot to increase the business license tax and a ballot to increase the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT). 

·         Joe Pirzynski invited Board Members to attend 2nd Saturday celebration.  It is also the season of Jazz in the Plazz and Music in the Park.  On Monday, Town of Los Gatos approved the construction contract on the new Library – Ground Breaking on Monday, June 21st. 

·         Ginger Summit announced that Los Altos Hills just had its summer picnic with 1,500 people in attendance.

·         Orrin Mahoney announced that the City of Cupertino passed its budget and recently hosted the USA National Women’s Cricket Tournament, which is the first of its kind in the United States.

·         Melinda Hamilton announced that Sprouts Market held its Grand Opening, and Murphy Avenue re-opened.

·         Howard Miller announced that the Saratoga City Council interviewed 8 candidates and selected Manny Cappello to fill a vacant seat on the Council.  Cappello will complete the unfinished term of Councilmember Susie Nagpal, who passed away in May following her battle with lung cancer. The term expires in December 2012.

·         Lana Malloy announced that Monte Sereno recently passed a healthy budget.

·         Ronit Bryant reported the City of Mountain View will be passing its budgets soon.

·         Doug Schmitz reported that the Library Authority received approval for 20 years of funding.



·         Al Pinheiro announced that Gilroy will be hosting its Annual Garlic Festival July 24-26th and invited members to attend.

·         Joe Pirzynski announced that all school bonds passed, which is great news.

·         David Casas announced that the Nominating Committee for the Executive Board has been formed and includes himself, Sam Liccardo, and Kathleen King.  Any members interested in serving on the Executive Board should let Raania know by September, who will then forward the names to the Nominating Committee for consideration.  Candidates will be announced in October and voted upon in November.