February 2010 Meeting Summary



Board of directors:

·         Margot Harrigan from Red Cross Silicon Valley announced that the Red Cross will be hosting its annual “Real Heroes” event on May 8th, honoring individuals throughout the county for their acts of heroism.  One of the categories is for the “Most Prepared City.”  Cities are encouraged to submit nominations if they feel they are prepared via mail or the website www.siliconvalley-redcross.org by March 8th.  

·         Charlotte Dickson presented the Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) cities Campaign.  This campaign addresses the obesity epidemic and is a partnership with the League of California Cities, California Center for Public Health Advocacy, and the Cities Counties and Schools Partnership.  Cities can take action and address the obesity epidemic through several areas of policy recommendations: 1) general plans and zoning, 2) access to healthy food, and 3) employee wellness.  Cities are requested/encouraged to adopt resolutions supporting the campaign stating that obesity is an issue and that there are policy goals that the city is or will be taking on to address the issue.  Currently, 25 cities have adopted the Resolution; Mountain View is the first city in Santa Clara County to do so.  For more information, view distributed packet of facts sheets or the website at www.HealCitiesCampaign.org.

·         Melissa Erickson from the Office of the County Executive presented an update on Census 2010, scheduled to begin April 1st.  $436 billion per year of federal funding to state and local governments are at stake, which for California translates to $3,000/person per year over the next 10 years.  For the first time in its history, California may lose a Congressional seat in this census due to slow rate of growth compared to other states.  Challenges include: 51% of population speaks another language other than English in the home; a high immigration rate – 260,000 immigrants in Santa Clara County; and 70,000 of population is homeless.

Request to Mayors: Cities/Police Departments are asked to stop homeless “sweeps” immediately or at least during the month of March due to the manner in which the homeless are enumerated.  Census Bureau is provided with a list of targeted shelters at which homeless will be counted for on one day towards the end of March.

“Be Californian Be Counted Day” is on March 20th – for success, the county will need support of the cities and key community leaders, elected officials, etc.,

·         Sparky Harlan, President/CEO, Bill Wilson Center presented on the multitude of services offered at the Bill Wilson Center, but focused on the Runaway/Homeless Youth Services and the Center for Living With Dying provided to all of Santa Clara County.  Request for support: Congressman Mike Honda is processing an earmark to rehabilitate a new building for trauma based services provided by the Center for Living with Dying and is in need of support from cities.  Sparky will forward a template letter that cities can provide for support of the federal earmark.

·         Policy Priorities 2010 Subcommittees were formed to address the following priorities and report back to the board at the indicated months:

1)      ABAG Housing Allotments – Cap & Trade – Dan Furtado, Sam Liccardo, Ronit Bryant, Melinda Hamilton – Report date TBD

2)      Review/Update of Bylaws – David Casas, Al Pinheiro, Steve Tate, Don Perry – May

3)      Use of SCCCA Reserves– Melinda Hamilton, Kris Wang, Howard Miller - April

4)      Medical Marijuana Ordinances – Kathleen King- June

5)      Water Conservation – Ginger Summit, Larry Klein – May

It was noted that there is an additional priority to update the website – Raania will be working on this with Kathleen King.

It was noted that some members were not in attendance and thus not present to confirm sub-committee assignment; subcommittees will be finalized at the April meeting.

·         Sue Garner of Monte Sereno, and Henry Hilken, Director of Planning and Research, from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District reported on the updated CEQA Guidelines.  The guidelines include thresholds of significance, analytical tools, and mitigation measures.  A collaborate effort between local governments and the Air District is encouraged.  Henry encouraged cities/planners to contact him with any questions or concerns.  Next steps include workshops in each county with planning department by mid/late April, technical resources and training to local staff in April/May, and approval of significance thresholds in June.  For more details, see power point handout, which is also available at


·         Doug Schmitz, Los Altos City Manager, reported that the city managers discussed progress of the two-tier pension reform plan.  About half of the cities have expressed their intent to consider the resolution on two-tiers.   They also discussed/shared budget reduction information, e.g. lay-offs, furloughs, etc.,

·         Betsy Shotwell reported that she and four council members from San Jose met with 10 members from the Legislature in Sacramento to address budget concerns.  Betsy encouraged cities to share their own concerns with the local delegation.  Budget cuts to prison health care, regional development, and developmental centers, may be forthcoming.  Thus far there are over 75 ballot initiatives that will probably qualify for circulation.   A marijuana initiative is being circulated as well and may qualify.

·         Sam Liccardo announced that the General Membership Meeting will take place on Thursday, March 11th, at the Adobe Lodge at Santa Clara University.  Judy Nadler from the Markkula Ethics Center, District Attorney Candidates Discussion, City Manager’s Report are scheduled for the event.  All elected officials and city managers across the county are invited and encouraged to attend.


Joys and Challenges/Announcements

·         Howard Miller announced that the City of Saratoga continues to cut their budget and staff.

·         Sam Liccardo announced that there will be a Mardi Gras Parade/event in San Jose, Tuesday, February 16th.

·         Melinda Hamilton encouraged members to participate in the “Save our Services” campaign and help collect signatures.

·         Jason Baker announced that Campbell will be hosting a Valentine Fun Run (5k, 10k) on Saturday, February 13th.