February 2009 Meeting Summaries


City Selection Committee:

  • ABAG Alternate Representative to the Executive Board: Appointed David Casas, Los Altos. Term expires June 30, 2010.
  • ABAG Hazardous Waste Management Facility Allocation Committee: Appointed Ronit Bryant, Mountain View. Term is ongoing.
  • Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission for Santa Clara County Member-at Large Position: Re-Appointed Ronit Bryant, Mountain View. Term expires January 2015.
  • Announced there is one opening for Central County Cities (Milpitas) and one opening on the Airport Land Use Commission. Elected Officials that are interested in being appointed to one of these positions should contact either President Kris Wang or SCCCA Executive Director Joanne Benjamin.


Board of directors:

  • 2009 Policy Priorities are: Green Building, Water Conservation, Solar Panel Permitting, ABAG Housing Allotments, State Budget Reform, and a Comprehensive Approach to Gangs.
  • Board Members were assigned to committees that will focus on the 2009 Policy Priorities. The Committees are: (Those leading the Committees are designed with a *.)
    • Green Building: Kathleen King, Melinda Hamilton, Curtis Wright. (This Committee will be working with the existing Green Building Collaborative that the Cities Association has partnered with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group the past two years.)
    • Water Conservation: *Larry Klein, Kris Wang, Ron Swegles
    • ABAG Housing Allotments: *Dan Furtado, Joe Pirzynski, David Casas, Pat Mahan
    • Budget Reform: *Steve Tate, *Al Pinheiro, Chuck Page, Margaret Abe-Koga
    • Approach to Gangs: *Melina Hamilton, Margaret Abe-Koga
    • Solar Panel Permitting: Dave Knapp agreed to the City Managers working on this policy priority.
  • It was decided that committees would report to the Board at the following Board Meetings:
    • Green Building: March
    • Water Conservation: May
    • ABAG Housing Allocations: May
    • Budget Reform: April
    • Approach to Gangs: June
  • April 9, 2009 will be the General Membership and City Managers Meeting. All elected officials, including County Supervisors, and State and Federal Legislators are invited.
    • Location: Cupertino Community Center at the Cupertino Civic Center
    • Time: 6 9 pm
    • Invitations will follow shortly

Please spread the word about the meeting and encourage your fellow council members to attend.

  • Kris Wang announced that Joyce Iwasaki has decided to leave the Cities Association and Joanne Benjamin has agreed to fill in until a permanent Executive Director has been appointed.
  • It was noted that Mountain View has a 2-sided sheet available to the public explaining the governmental/city process. Other cities have similar sheets. Each city was encouraged to send Joanne a copy of their sheet and the sheets will be shared among our cities.
  • Dan Furtado reminded Board members the Great American Litter Pick Up is April 25 this year and he encouraged each city to participate.
  • Kris Wang announced she would be willing to lead a trip of elected officials to China and Taiwan this summer in either July or August. If you are interested in participating in the trip, please let Joanne know by March so that plans can be made.
  • Melinda Hamilton announced that Otto Lee has a website and you can see what he is doing in Iraq. The website is http://www.ottolee.org/iraq/