April 2010 Meeting Summaries



City Selection Committee:

·         Recycling Waste and Reduction Commission: Re-appointed Kris Wang to the North Counties Seat, expiring March 2016.

Board of directors:

·         Russell Hancock, CEO of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley (JVSV) presented the organization’s story, mission, and current initiatives.  JVSV’s mission is to convene the region’s leaders across major sectors (e.g. business, labor, government, education, etc.,), provide date and analysis, and launch initiatives that deliver measurable results.  JVSV utilizes the venture capital model for each initiative, is neutral, embraces technology, and welcomes innovative, out-of-the-box thinking.  Its work is rooted in analysis, the Silicon Valley Index.  Current initiatives include: Climate Protection, Disaster Resiliency, Grand Boulevard (improving El Camino Real), Federal Funding, Alliance for Teachers, Workforce Development, Cell Phone Coverage, CA State Governance, Economic Development Alliance, and Sustainable Buildings.  Some initiatives succeed and some fail.  For the Silicon Valley Index and more information about current initiatives, go to www.jointventure.org or call (408) 298-9330.  In September of 2010, JVSV will host a conference addressing regionalism and sharing services during today’s fiscal environment.  Presentation available at http://www.sccca.gov/Presentations/Presentation%20Downloads.htm.

·         Kevin Zwick, Executive Director of The Housing Trust of Santa Clara County (HTSCC), presented the organization’s mission, purpose, and services available to all of Santa Clara County.  The Housing Trust was formed 10 years ago with initial funding from the business community organized by Silicon Valley Leadership Group.  Currently, services are offered to assist SCC residents with making larger down payments, the increasing prices of homes and rentals, providing shelter for homeless (currently there are 7,000 homeless people in SCC each night), and the increasing number of foreclosures.    Since 2001, HTSCC has helped over 2067 households buy their first home.  Currently, there are 4 loan programs for First Time Homebuyers with assistance between $6,500-$75,000.  FTHB Workshops will be available throughout the County this Spring.  Other services countywide include an equity share program, loans for acquisition and predevelopment, permanent loans for extremely low income housing, permanent supportive housing, Emergency Homeless Prevention Grants, Safety Net Capital Improvement Grants: $200,000 per provider to repair and upgrade existing safety net housing in County.  Recently, a San Jose Consortium, consisting of HTSCC as the lead agency, City of San Jose Housing Department, and NHSSV, was awarded $25,000,000 from ARRA for Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 (NSP2).  The purpose is to convert at least 200 foreclosed properties into affordable homes for low and moderate income individuals and families in 35 census tracts in San Jose.  For more information visit the new website at www.housingtrustscc.org.   For a First Time Homebuyer Workshop in your city or at your business contact Kevin Zwick.  Presentation available at http://www.sccca.gov/Presentations/Presentation%20Downloads.htm.

·         Laurie Greer from the SCC Social Services Agency, presented that under ARRA, county social services agencies throughout California have access to approximately $1.4 billion through the end of September 2010.  Non-profit and government organizations have the opportunity to hire an employee that would be subsidized through the County of Santa Clara.  Positions are subsidized up to 20 hours per week (PT) with a maximum of 1,000 hours allowed in one fiscal year and hourly wage is $8.00.  SCC Works is the Employer of Record for the position and provides Worker’s Compensation coverage.  The position must be a newly created position.  For more information contact Laurie Greer at (408) 793-8647 or laurie.greer@ssa.sccgov.org.  Presentation available at http://www.sccca.gov/Presentations/Presentation%20Downloads.htm.

·         Pat Mahan of Santa Clara and current CSC appointee to the CAL ID/RAN Committee presented an update on the committee’s recent activities.  Based upon the recently completed county management audit of the Cal-ID program, there are efforts underway to renegotiate the countywide agreement to better allocate costs for services to cities and County agencies.

·         Betsy Shotwell reported on various bills, e.g. AB 32, and that the legislature is awaiting the Governor’s Revise of the State Budget on May 14th.  The next 3 weeks are critical. 

·         Dan Furtado reported on ACA 9 (Huffman), SB 1205 (Corbett), and HR 4812, the Local Jobs for America Act, which provides funding for private and public sector jobs.  The National League of City has made this a legislative priority.     


Joys and Challenges

·         Melinda Hamilton announced that the City of Sunnyvale received its first application to open a medical marijuana dispensary.  Calisolar just had its ribbon cutting for its new manufacturing site in Sunnyvale, which will bring over 100 new jobs to Sunnyvale and the Bay Area. 

·         Al Pinheiro shared that Gilroy is still in legal dispute with the medicinal marijuana dispensary. 

·         Sam Liccardo announced that the City of San Jose has a $116 billion deficit.

·         David Casas shared that the City of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills have formed a joint Seniors Committee.


·         Joe Pirzynski announced that there will be a public forum for the SCC Suicide Prevention Action Committee to hear feedback on its countywide strategy in addressing suicide in our communities.  Joe encourages each city to send a representative, April 28th from 6-8 pm.  It will be held at SCC Valley Medical Center. 

·         David Casas announced to all board members to save the date for the Cities Association Holiday Party on December 2nd at the Los Altos Golf and Country Club.